Crossville HEARTS
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Fall Semester 2015 Class Schedu

Fridays, 8:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

August 28            Class #1
September 4   
    Class #2

September 11     Class #3
September 18     Class #4  
September 25     NO CLASS
October 2            NO CLASS
October 9            Class #5  
October 16          NO CLASS
October 23          Class #6
October 20          Class #7
November 6        Class #8
November 13      Class #9
November 20      Class #10

Please note that we are NOT a drop-off co-op.  You MUST stay with your children while they are at Oak Hill Baptist Church.  If you, the parent, are unable to stay another adult must take responsibility for your child and leadership must be notified. 

Friday Co-0p Class Cancellations
If our group will be canceling Friday Co-Op classes at any time for severe weather or any other reasons, an announcement will be made to the group via the group email in addition to Facebook posting.

Co-Op LUNCH:  pre-order your lunch, bring a lunch, or sign-up for pizza delivery by the end of second period. 

Pizza will be from Papa Johns and will be $7.00 for a large one-topping.  We can also do a 1/2 pizza for $3.50. 

You may choose to pre-order a plate lunch each week at the welcome table.  Lunches are $2.50 per person with a family cap of $12.50.  An email may be sent to McKinsey at if you wish to order a lunch. 

On co-op days, between 1st and 2nd period in the sanctuary
, a short devotion will be led by Pastor Louis Davis and announcements will be made.  All parents are asked to attend in order to keep apprised of announcements/events.   

You may sit in the fellowship hall or the gym for lunch - of course, please clean up after yourself in either location. 

Other than the short announcement time and devotional, there should be NO students in the sanctuary unless the student is scheduled for a class in that location.  If your child does not have a class, please have him/her remain in the fellowship hall.

Crossville HEARTS Fall 2015 Co-Op Semester SCHEDULE

Preschool Schedule: 2-3 years old

This semester's theme will be Farm Animals. We will teach basic numbers, alphabet, shapes, and colors. We will get Messy and do Art. The children will have a snack time and playground time. They will also get their wiggles out and do some dancing! They will learn colors while they play with play-dough and we will learn about the animals of the Bible. We are going to have lots of fun!

Block 1 (8:45-9:05) Storytime Christi Swafford
Block 2 (9:05-9:30) Numbers Mary Davis/Valan Kornhaus
Devotion (9:30-9:45)

Block 3 (9:45-10:05) Creative Movement Danielle Bilbrey/Shirley Bilbrey
Block 4 (10:05-10:25) Snack time – healthy snacks with water Tammy Matthews
Block 5 (10:25-10:45) ABC Time Tammy Matthews
Block 6 (10:45-11:15) Let's Get Messy Art Christina Menhennet/Lena Jackson
Lunch (11:15-11:45)

Block 7&8 (11:45-12:25) Play-dough Fun and Colors Annie Maddux
Block 9 (12:25-12:45) Shapes Jennifer Pryor
Block 10 (12:45-1:05) Animals in the Bible Lena Jackson
Block 11&12 (1:05-2:00) Playground Fun Christina Menhennet

Pre-K Schedule: 4-5 years old

Introducing great literature to your child is our theme this year. Each week's activities will be loosely based on five in a row. Using great books we will create, learn, and explore! All your child needs is an imagination!

Children need to bring a backpack or a bag with name, crayons in a ziplock bag with name on it, pencil box with name to include pencils, glue sticks, and scissors, and pocket folder. Please bring bag and items to every class.

8:45 – 9:00 Storytime Monica Weaver
9:00-9:30 Reading Centers and Games McKinsey Shupe
9:30-9:45 Devotion
9:45-10:15 Math Centers/File Folder Games Samantha Hendrix
10:15-10:45 Playground Time Rachel Cantrell/Tara Ramsey
10:45-11:15 Sensory Play Annie Maddux
11:15-11:45 Lunch
11:45-12:15 History/Geography*bi-weekly McKinsey Shupe
12:15-12:45 Arts and Crafts McKinsey Shupe
12:45-1:15 Storytime, outside play time McKinsey Shupe
1:15-2:00 Veggie Tales Bible Time Elisha Coley

1st Period 8:45 - 9:30am

Age Group Class Name Teacher Min/Max

K - 4th Bone Zone Tammy Matthews/Vicki Vaughn Min 5, Max 15

K - 5th Show & Tell Becky Jones/Connie Vassillev

3rd - 6th Zoobooks Stacia Williams/Destiny Potter Max 12

3rd - 8th Legos Taylor Fowler/Jaton Fowler

6th - 12th Intermediate Fiber Arts Kristina Brown/Elisa Hensley

6th - 12th Dissection (Lab Credit) $10 supply fee Anita Krismanits

6th - adult Beginning Yoga Poses–no philosophy (8th & up may take as credit) Debbie Johnson/Leasha Gunter

8th - 12th PE for credit Nick Salsbury


2nd Period 9:45 – 10:30am

Age Group Class Name Teacher Min/Max

K - 3rd Character Building Becky Jones/Tiffany Mayberry

K - 3rd Bible Stories and Songs Starla Hale

K - 5th Legos Monica Weaver/Leasha Gunter

2nd - 6th  FULL Animal Care Hannah Brown/Hensley's/Vicki Vaughn

5th - 8th Constitution/Government Anita Krismanits

3rd - 12th Deconstruction/Construction Hannah Family/Jeannie Gunther

6th - 12th Girls' Primp & Pamper *$10 supply fee Lynn Sullivan/Jaton Fowler Max 15

6th - 12th Yearbook Donna Faircloth/Stacia Williams/Jana Guy

9th - 12th Chemistry for Credit (must be taken period 2 and 3) *$15 supply fee, goggles required Kristina Brown/Jennifer Olsen

9th - 12th Biology (for credit) Liz Manning/Destiny Potter

3rd Period 10:30 – 11:15am

Age Group Class Name Teacher Min/Max

K - 3rd Seussville Tiffany Mayberry/Becky Jones Max 10

K - 3rd Fairytales Lena Jackson

1st - 6th Legos Destiny Potter

3rd - 6th Paper Crafts Sheri Glup/Elisa Hensley Max 8

4th - 8th Discover History with Minecraft & Dr Who Connie Vassilev/Vicki Vaughn Max 15

6th - 12th Praise Team Methods Carol Erickson/Starla Hale/Nick Salsbury

6th - adult Beginning Yoga Poses–no philosophy (8th & up may take as credit) Debbie Johnson/Leasha Gunter

8th - 12th Public Speaking (for credit) Jennifer Armes

9th - 12th Chemistry for Credit (must be taken both 2nd & 3rd Kristina Brown/Jennifer Olsen

LUNCH 11:15 – 11:45am

4th Period 11:45 - 12:30pm

Age Group Class Name Teacher Min/Max

K - 3rd Art Appreciation Connie Vassilev Max 15

K - 3rd Math Brain Teasers Lena Jackson

K - 6th Legos Sam Hendrix

2nd - 8th American Girl Jana Guy/Stacia Williams

3rd - 6th  FULL Origami Marge Hofknecht

3rd - 12th Architecture, You Gotta Love It! Ralph Hofknecht

5th - 12th Swordsmanship Hannah Family/Jeannie Gunther

6th - 12th Beginning Crochet Christa McCulley/Monica Weaver

6th - 12th Drama for credit Carol Erickson

8th - 12th Dave Ramsey Personal Finance (for credit) Jennifer Armes

5th Period 12:30 - 1:15pm

Age Group Class Name Teacher Min/Max

K - 3rd Origami Marge Hofknecht

K - 3rd What's Bugging You Christa McCulley

K - 5th Legos Elisha Coley

2nd - 5th  FULL States and Capitals (a 2 semester class) Stacia Williams/Destiny Potter

4th - 7th Real Reasons for Writing Starla Hale

3rd - 12th Beginning Sewing Christi Swafford/Anita Krismanits Max 12

3rd - 12th Architecture, You Gotta Love It! Ralph Hofknecht

8th - 12th Teenology Annie Maddux/Elisa Hensley/Nick Salsbury

6th Period 1:15 – 2:00

Age Group Class Name Teacher Min/Max

K - 3rd   FULL Zoobooks – North American Animals Stacia Williams/Jana Guy Max 12

K - 3rd Phonics Games Sheri Glup Max 10

K - 5th Legos Annie Dagle

4th- 8th Discover the Cell Connie Vassilev Max 15

4th - 7th Major Inventions Throughout History Liz Manning/Destiny Potter

3rd - 12th Sewing, previous students only Christi Swafford/Anita Krismanits Max 13

3rd - 12th Intro to Dance ($35/month, ABC Dance) Aven Chadwell

4th - 12th Fitness & Self Defense Jeremiah & Jennifer Olsen

6th - 12th Chess Nick Salsbury

7th - 12th Family & Consumer Science Carol Erickson

SERVICE HOURS CREDIT available for teens teaching or co-teaching. See website for description.
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